15/03/2011 - Cost Effective Marketing Solutions

As an audio production company, we deal with thousands of small businesses each year. What we've come to learn is businesses have to find new and exciting ways to reach their customer base - without spending a fortune. Through marketing our own message on hold service, we've come to realize that marketing does not have to cost the world! Here are a few ideas we have used, and some our messages on hold customers have told us about.

Business Cards
Business cards are the face of your business, and there are many ways you can use them to effectively get a prospects attention.

  • Go to a newsagent or bookstore and put your business card into a related book or magazine.
  • Ask local businesses if you can leave a handful on their counters.
  • Give some to your friends and family to hand out to people they know.
  • Pin some on community notice boards.
  • Enter competitions where they collect business cards.

Your business card is the face of your business - make sure they work for you.

Align yourself with a Charity
Not only will you have the pleasure of knowing you're doing what you can to give back to those less fortunate than you, but you can also help a charity build awareness, whilst also building a connection with your customers.

At Media Messages we have done just that. We chose Variety Australia (a children's charity) as their values were aligned with our own. We then offered them a free message on hold program for their head office; our dedicated staff members also donate money out of their own salaries and our company donates a certain amount for every service agreement signed. Charity marketing is a great way to get publicity for both you and your chosen charity.

Organise a Blood Drive
Hosting a blood drive is a great way to get a lot of publicity! As you are helping the community, mainstream media will be more inclined to get behind your cause, promoting the blood drive and your brand. Visit http://www.donateblood.com.au/get-involved for more information.

Hold a Contest
People love getting something for free! As a business owner, we're sure you love building up your database and making your customers happy! By holding a competition, it opens the door for you to actively promote your company through posters, emails and online banners. Best of all, you're capturing all your customers' data. We give one lucky message on-hold customer a $300 Office Works voucher every month - and they love it!

Messages On Hold
Yes we are going to give our product a plug! A telephone message on hold program is an extremely powerful tool. Businesses spend thousands of dollars getting their customers to call - but what are they doing once the phone rings? A great customer service platform, your message on hold program can be used to up or cross sell your products and services, whilst also entertaining your callers.

There are literally thousands of ideas and ways for you to reach your target market. And we will shortly write a follow up blog with more ideas for you.

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