13 February 2012 - Watch your Business Grow with Telephone Messages On Hold

If you are considering effective forms of marketing for your business, messages on hold is one such way for great promotion of your business' products and services.

When it comes to answering phone calls, it is necessary on most occasions to put your customer on hold. This may be to transfer the call to the relevant department, or to gather the information needed to answer the questions your caller may have. On hold time is a perfect opportunity to promote your business and generate further sales using messages on hold that relate directly to your business.

Even though you may know your business intimately, don't make the mistake of expecting your current customers or future prospects to have that knowledge. You will be missing a fantastic marketing opportunity if you dismiss the power of this technique. You may believe that people switch off when messages on hold are playing, though many people do actually listen to them and many a wise sales marketer has not regretted implementing the system, with many increasing their sales exponentially.

Often to keep spending down, many businesses make the mistake of playing local radio stations or annoying music. This can be very frustrating for customers, especially those that may have to hold for extended periods of time. When playing radio stations, you run the risk of promoting rival businesses, as the majority of radio stations use advertisements for their revenue. Imagine having a potential customer on hold, and they hear of a promotion from a competitor that has a better offer. You have just lost their business. Not to mention word of mouth, when they tell their family and friends about the other offer - more customers lost.

Messages On Hold is a great marketing tool to create a feel of your company's values. The style of music and the voice artist you choose can make all the difference to your company's success. It's also a fantastic way to promote up and coming events, and secondary products and services that people may not be aware of.

Think of it like having your best sales person delivering a direct message to your customer, you have a small space of opportunity to deliver your most compelling message and marketing is the key to your business' success.

These days in our fast paced world, it is becoming increasing more difficult to capture new customers. By implementing a powerful marketing device such as messages on hold, you'll put your business ahead of your rivals.

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