Make a lasting impression with your telephone message on hold program and use sound effects to bring your production alive! That's right, the use of carefully selected sound effects in your telephone audio production can really help to create a feel and convey the appropriate message to your audience ... but remember, "Keep it simple".

Love Connect, one of our very special clients, use sound effects as a way to connect with their own clientele. Due to the nature of their business, they wanted to keep their phone message on-hold program as light hearted as possible, in order to make their customers feel at ease and even have a little laugh.

Take for instance the follow message from their on hold program, Love Connect have utilized pop culture to make a connection with their service offering - however, with the use of the record scratch they are simply saying they can offer better - stay tuned for more! It is really important to note however, that they have kept the sound effects on this phone message to a minimum. Purely used to open the phone message, capture their clients' attention and then they go into explaining exactly what they do. Have a read for yourself ...

Message 1: (SFX: Flip Flop FNK004) Forget sex and the city.... (SFX: Record Scratch) (SFX: Country Comfort CUN002) Forget farmer wants a wife... (SFX: Record Scratch)
(SFX: Internal life CHI008) At Love Connect Australia we understand that most singles that join are very busy with their professional careers, or that some of our country members live in remote areas and don't have access to a social setting. This is why we are a personalised introduction agency servicing both city and country singles. We proudly guide people looking for genuine relationships with first class customer service.
In another phone message, Love Connect uses multiple sound effects - they do so tastefully and in a way that is relevant to the message itself ...
(SFX: Nature sounds, like a pond)

Message 5: Tired of kissing a lot of frogs to find your prince charming?
(SFX: Kiss smooch sound) (SFX: Frog croak) (Disappointed read) Sigh....
(SFX: Evergreen- EMO003) Love Connect Australia is a genuine dating agency guiding people from all walks of life and ages to find true, long lasting love and companionship. Our members are not only genuine; they are looking for genuine relationships.

In the phone message above, Love Connect has used the sound effects to create a scene; effectively getting their customers to imagine the possibilities ... and to even have a laugh. Again, they have used their sound effects only within the first part of the phone message and then kept the rest of their message clean.

Whilst sound effects can really add to your audio production, you really need to carefully consider the sound effects themselves before putting them on your phoneline. Multiple sound effects in your telephone message on hold program can be tricky, and are often hit or miss - they can be too much and confuse your customer - especially if they are throughout your phone message - it's important to choose your sound effects and the positionings carefully. Also really consider the sound effect, whilst it may sound good in your head, ask to hear an example of the effect first - and play it over the phone - does it still have the same effect?

At Media Messages, we are the Australian telephone on hold message experts, and we want to help you get the most out of your on hold program! Our very experienced creative writers and audio engineers will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect sound effects to make a lasting impression.

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