Creative Signifiers

Most businesses want to use their on hold messages to create a professional or corporate image for their business, so they choose to have their voice over messages produced in a corporate way with a corporate sounding music bed behind. Sometimes though, while informative they could be a lot more entertaining for the caller to listen to. This is where clever scripting and audio effects are a great way to entertain your potential customer and keep them on the line!

BBQs and More, one of our brand new clients are a fun and friendly business, and wanted to use this image as a springboard for their On hold Messages. For the Media Messages creative team, this also means it's a fun and challenging brief to take on. The good thing about a brief like this where the business's products include BBQs and everything outdoors, the creative team can utilise words and their double meanings and sounds to break up the important information and create a production that is unique, innovative, and maybe even give the customer a giggle.

Take a look at the following message from BBQs and More's current on hold program. The creative writer used words associated with BBQs like grill and hot to give the messages a fun and friendly feel.

Message 2: At BBQ's and more we DO much more than just sell you a BBQ. We encourage you to grill our friendly and helpful staff on all our barbequing equipment, outdoor furniture and accessories in stock.

Message 7: BBQ's and More is not just about Summer entertaining, our great range of outdoor heating and fire pits for the cooler months are pretty hot too! With the same high quality standards and very best prices, you can definitely get into BBQ's and More all year round!

You can be serious about on hold messages, but it doesn't mean you need to be serious all the time. When callers listen they pick up on the puns and they more likely to stay on the line if they are being informed AND entertained. The other way to make messages more entertaining is to utilise the scripting and special effects to set a scene or tell a little story.

Message 6: (SFX: party and entertaining sounds) Have you ever been excited about having a fun get together, about to crank up the BBQ... and... (SFX: Silence) NOTHING HAPPENS! (SFX: disappointed sighs). Never again have your BBQ ruined because you forget to fill up the gas bottle or it runs out when you are just getting started. The team here at BBQ's and More can convert your BBQ to run on your home reticulated natural gas. To find out more, stay on the line- we won't be too much longer!

Message 9: (SFX: Scary music bed) Is your BBQ looking pretty frightful? (SFX: Scream) Then get rid of it and get a brand new one from BBQ's and More! And guess what- when we deliver your new one, we can remove your unsightly one and recycle it responsibly- within the greater Auckland area! To find out how you can get rid of your BBQ eyesore- just ask us when we return in just a moment.

The above messages have created little entertaining situations with special effects, in which the business mentioned could be of use to the caller. This places the thought in their mind that it could happen that they run out of gas so they should think about getting their BBQ converted, and that yes their BBQ is not in good condition but they didn't know there was a recycling service so they make take BBQs and More up on that offer also.

Thinking outside the square when it comes to advertising with your on hold phone messages is what the creative experts at Media Messages are good at, they can turn your bland and drab messages into something entertaining and fabulous! Why not have a chat with the creative team today, and see what they can put together for you.

For more information about how you can get the most out of your telephone on hold music and message program, contact us today on 1300 796 694.

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