Branding Your Business
As a business owner you go to a lot of effort to brand your business from your business logo to business cards, from website to television advertisements- but what about your on hold messages? Onhold messages are another important platform that you can use to sell your business to a potential customer or client, especially as it can be the very first time your potential has contact with your business. Utilising your on hold messages to help brand your business is not as difficult as it sounds.

Nufurn, one of our brand new clients have used their On hold Messages to brand their business. As a business selling contemporary and boutique furniture for the Commercial Banquet, Hotel, Restaurant and Club and Bar industries, they wanted their callers to get the same feeling of their business as they would by looking at the website or entering their showroom.

Take a look at the following message from Nufurn's current on hold program. The creative writer utilised strong descriptive words to brand Nurfurn, giving the caller a strong sense of how the company wants their products to be recognised.

Message 1 FVO: Some words that come to mind when you think about Nufurn? How about Service... Range... Experience.. Quality... Affordability...

If you are looking for signature furniture for your hotel, restaurant, club, cafe community hall, event management business, school or healthcare facility , then rest assured, we have the right commercial furniture solution for you. One of our experienced account managers will be with you shortly.

Message 10 MVO: To make the very best first impression you need the very best in stunning, innovative, quality commercial furniture, and you will find that right here at Nufurn. We have a long list of clients ecstatic with our furniture. Why not visit our website and take a look at our latest installations, and get inspired about what Nufurn can do for you! Our website is www dot nufurn dot com dot au. That's N U F U R N dot com dot au.

You can see that Nurfurn has created strong ties to its business name and their commercial furniture. By associating their business brand with descriptive words like Service, Range, Experience, Quality, Affordability, Stunning and Innovative, they are encouraging the listener to want to see Nufurn products and experience Nufurn services for themselves. Being that Nurfurn is a furniture company, the other important part of branding with their on hold messages is to encourage the listener to take a look at their products, in doing so encouraging the listener to want to make a purchase.

Message 5 FVO: At Nufurn, we invite you to pull up a seat and take a look at our most popular products! These include the Barrel Chair, the most widely used event chair in Australia. Or if you're after the hottest event chairs available then enquire about our patented Gladiator Folding Resin Chair - the only resin folding chair available with steel inserts in the rear legs and seat frame, for unbeatable strength.

Message 6 MVO: The range of commercial furniture available here at Nufurn is second to none! We bring your vision to life with an extensive range of indoor and outdoor seating and tables, ottomans, tub chairs, lounges, portable stages and dry bars. And if you can't find what you're after online at www dot nufurn dot com dot au, then simply ask us. We have new designs coming through everyday and we can find what you're looking for.

The above messages direct the listener to want to take a look at the products and to find out more about them. This keeps the caller on the line and increases the chance the listener will go through with a purchase- an important factor used in the effective branding of your business.

The team at Media Messages are the Australian telephone on hold message experts, and they have a host of ideas on how to best brand your business and on hold messages in an effective manner! Our very experienced creative writers are happy to share these and many other creative ideas that will help you with the aim of increasing your brand awareness and your business.

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