Writing a message on hold script takes a little planning. It also helps if you have a creative copywriter whose writing is clear, concise and straight to the point ... and who can simultaneously create the right tones to capture your customers' attention.

Remember, your on hold message program should be treated with as much precision and passion as you would with any marketing material. In fact, our creative copywriters work very closely with our clients' marketing managers to ensure you get the best return from your audio advertising dollar.

One of Media Messages all-time favourite on-hold message programs is Abeta Bodyworks. Abeta has signed up to our corporate package, which gives them tailored messages and scheduled changes throughout the year.

Abeta Bodyworks is a Tasmanian owned and operated automotive bodywork selected repairer for RACT, AAMI, Lumley, Suncorp, Allianz and Vero ... just to name a few. Their main aim for their message on hold script was to introduce some of the other services they offered to customers who were put on hold. For example:

Example Message 1
FVO: Abeta Bodyworks knows how to look after your car! Not only do you get the very best in repair services, but we also offer full car detailing including upholstery & carpet steam cleaning. Find out more in just a moment.

This message manages to successfully inform Abeta's callers on hold about an added service that is related to their core business and may be of benefit to their callers, the message is also short and straight to the point. Remember, most of your callers will only be on-hold for approximately 15 seconds - don't confuse them with too much information.

Deciding on a more light hearted approach; Abeta Bodyworks requested that our copywriters produced a more relaxed message on hold script, also incorporating a few sound effects to bring their on-hold production alive ...

Example Message 2
MVO: At Abeta Bodyworks, we do order and receive parts BEFORE your car is booked in! It's working smart! We won't hold your car any longer than necessary. We also have some loan cars available, but please enquire about this first, as they tend to be loaned out fast. (SFX: Car zooming off) See, told you!

A message on hold program is also a great tool to notify your customers about what you are doing within the community, effectively painting a portrait of what your brand and values are all about. Abeta Bodyworks did this very well in their on-hold messaging program, by informing their customers of a cause close to their heart, something their callers may not have known.

Example Message 3
FVO: More than just a well-established local business, Abeta Bodyworks also proudly sponsors worthwhile charity events such as the Lions Special Children's Party (SFX: Kids laughing) and the RSPCA (SFX: Animal sounds). Support the local business that supports your local community.

At Media Messages, our aim is to understand our customers and what they are trying to achieve with their audio marketing campaigns. We want your message on hold program to integrate with the rest of your marketing campaigns and ultimately educate, inform and entertain your callers.

For more information about how you can get the most out of your telephone on hold music and message program, contact us today on 1300 796 694.

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