30/11/2011 - Why Messages On Hold is a Powerful Marketing Channel

Why is it that we always look for the most expensive and intricate ways to market our products, when quite often the most simplistic answer is staring us right in the face? Every business in Australia has a phone line and the customers who have an interest in your company are calling you, so doesn't it make sense to invest in an effective telephone message on hold system that can further promote your products and services to your callers?

Better yet, a telephone music and message on hold program does not cost a fortune; can be updated regularly to coincide with your company's promotions and events and most importantly, a message on hold program sounds very professional.

If you are serious about marketing your business and portraying a professional image, then a message on hold system is for you. Let's look at the alternatives shall we.

Radio On-Hold
Radio seems like an easy option. People listen to the radio everyday - so they must like it ... right? Let me ask you a quick question ... do your competitors advertise on the radio? If so, why would you want to promote them on your telephone on-hold? Secondly, what kind of music is that radio station playing, and what are the announcers talking about ... is it in-line with your company's culture and ethics? Furthermore, did you know that you could also be hit with a fee for playing commercial radio on your commercial telephone lines? You could completely eliminate all of these hassles with a customised message on-hold program, with strategically chosen music that will appeal to your customers. Better yet, your messages on hold will be promoting your products and services, not your competitors!

Chimes On-Hold
Could you get any more annoying! Need we say more? Seriously guys, Greensleaves is purely for Mr Whippy ... not your telephone lines.

Silence On-Hold
It is a proven fact that callers confronted with silence on hold think they have actually been on hold much longer than they really have, and are more likely to hang-up. Furthermore, many callers also believe they have been disconnected when they are put on hold to silence ... and inevitably get annoyed and hang up. You have worked really hard to get that phone to call; doesn't it make sense to invest in some marketing to keep them on the line?

Music On-Hold
This is most definitely the best option out of the four, and does in some cases make sense to just have strategically chosen music on hold. However, would you use airtime on the radio just to play a nice 30sec music bed?

Customised Messages On-Hold
A good business owner always thinks in terms of marketing. What is the best possible way to get your message to your core target market, and how can you do this without massive overheads? A telephone message on-hold system does just that ... it is a platform for you to tell your core customers all about your business at very little cost. A message on-hold program is one marketing channel that you have full control of. You choose your placements, you choose how long each message goes for and the life of message on hold campaign lasts a lot longer than your traditional marketing channels ... at a fraction of the cost.

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