Voiceover Artists

Captivating audio requires fascinating narration! With this fact in mind, we introduce to you the talents of the voice artist, otherwise known as voice actors. It is these voiceover artists who really bring the script to life, and although you do not see them, there is a whole lot of skill required to produce broadcast quality audio.

What does a Voice Artist do?
These talented folk are the one you hear on the radio, television, in movies, video games; telephone message on hold programs, in-store messaging and even on amusement rides.

Voiceover actors are different to your film or television actors (though play the role of voice artist). A voice artist’s main focus is the narration - the voice so to speak. Most voiceover artists are qualified actors and / or broadcast journalists, who have been trained in the art of narration.

A voice over is so much more than just a reading; a professional voice recording requires technique and the ability to effectively convey a message.

Media Messages Voice Artists
Media Messages has access to a large library of talented voice artists - both local and international. Our voice talent have been carefully selected and all have impressive audio reels - offering a range of styles in a variety of languages.

Select a voice artist that best reflects your brand, and view our large library of voice artists today.

Voice Actors

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