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Did you know that you can reduce caller hang-ups by playing appropriate music to your callers on hold? Australian callers do not respond well to silence or chimes on hold, and are more likely to respond to music or messages on hold.

Did you also know that if you are playing the radio on your commercial telephone lines, then you are actually expected to play for the privilege? That’s right, and if the Australian music industry body APRA catch you doing this without paying the required fees, then you could cop a massive fine.

Additionally, you have no control over the radio. So if they are playing heavy metal music or songs with profanities, you could potentially insult and offend your callers.

Media Messages not only provides high quality audio recordings to play to your callers on hold, but we have an extensive library of royalty free music tracks for you to play to your callers on hold.

Our music on hold selection features a number of genres - which means you are sure to find a music track that will appeal to your core customers and represent your brand efficiently.

Contact the friendly team at Media Messages and ask to hear our music on hold samples today.

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