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Most businesses these days have to be very selective about where their marketing dollar goes. Sometimes promoting every single product or service is just not viable. With a message and music on hold program, you can advertise the products you normally wouldn't through mainstream media, informing customers about areas of your business they may not already know about.

For instance, a concreter who specialises in driveways may also offer a high-pressure driveway cleaning service. Their core business is driveway installation, which is great for a one off purchase, but their customers will in the future have a need to clean their driveways - so why not promote this service to their callers on hold - a great way to let customers know in the first instance, that this secondary service is available for them in the future.

An on hold messaging program can be used just like a customer service representative, without the massive overheads. If done properly, your messages onhold program can be used to upsell or cross sell your products and services; like an audio product / service catalogue broadcasting to your core target market. Think of it as your version of McDonalds' famous "would you like fries with that?"

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