Instore Music Packages

We have designed a innovative ambient music option that is free from Australian music industry royalty charges. This non-commercial music option gives an upbeat atmosphere within your business, and is free from potentially expensive APRA and PPCA fees and paperwork.

instore music only packageMUSIC ONLY PACKAGE :

This package gives you the latest ambient music which is updated monthly to keep if fresh and entertaining.

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STARTER PACKAGE (6 Annual Updates):

Ideal for those who want a simple instore music option and are unsure of how many updates they may require annually.

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CORPORATE PACKAGE (12 Annual Updates):

If your business needs access to instore music message changes several times a year then lock this popular instore sound package in.

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ULTIMATE PACKAGE (Unlimited updates):

Your instore messages can be updated at a moments notice and as often as you like. Perfect for large shopping stores where promotions and special offers are being introduced often.

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* Prices Exclude GST

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